Though the idea of beginning a magazine has surfaced several times in my mind, in 2016, BFLY Magazine began to really grow wings.
Art is a form of communication, taking its form in various manners and through a myriad of catalysts. Art is shaped by the expression of feelings; conveying messages and ideas to audiences, speaking to emotions and giving life to what there is often no words for.
Community is the network you create and associate with it is not defined by geographical boundaries and can not be contained in any singular fashion. Our community is love, compassion, and expansion.
Being an artist of many mediums, and finding my community in this world of artists and art lovers, has fueled my desire to always seek out more. In these searches, I have seen the need for a magazine like no other – a platform to showcase the many forms of art that span the globe, a magazine that is tailored to our community. I truly love watching the entire scene grow in so many different directions.
Future of BFLY Magazine:
The love for magazines continues as does the existing plethora of artists, and as well as the continuous new forms of art. I am a believer in the Universe and what you put out, you manifest. The future of BFLY Magazine sees a growing audience and perhaps in the future a beautifully printed version to grace your table tops. Until then, open your mind and continue to fly!