On his Instagram profile it says Musician, Composer, Guitarist, Illustrator, Teacher and Photographer (mind you I had not even seen his photography work)

I sent him a message and had a few questions: Tell me about yourself, where are you from? You have a list of things that you do, but when did you start painting? When did you realize you were into portraits? What inspires you? What artists influence you?

He responded and I was so excited to read more.

Alvaro: I’m from Chile… Studied architecture but I didn’t finish, there I learned the  basic of drawing and painting… At the same time I learned Music… And after architecture school professionalize my music career…now I’m living in Essen Germany and working on my next Album “Alvaro Severino acoustic project” I don’t have a website not yet, I am working on it and trying to upload it in a couple of months because I am collecting more profile info…

I love photography, drawing, painting and good music (I’m jazz guitar player)
Egon Schiele, Anders Zorn, are the most important influences.
Coltrane, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Tristano are jazz hero’s!
When I was in architecture, for me are easy the perspective and building draws… But human figure  was a mystery
So I started to draw and learn by observing… For me human figure and portrait are the most difficult thing to do, because humans are totally different each other… And taking that specific characteristics is always a challenge. Its one of my favorite things.
BM: Wow I see you are a photographer too. What would you like to be featured as, an artist or a photographer?
Alvaro: I like “integral artist…”

Please check out his photography gallery here: