Anh Pham is a self-taught artist and currently resides in Beautiful Northern Baja, Mexico where his studio is.  There are not very many art mediums that he does not use in his unique artworks and creations.  Airbrushing is his first love but, as he learns more about other art mediums and how they can accentuate his craft, he is infusing and mixing mediums together almost exclusively.  Anh Pham is mostly known for his original style of Airbrush and Oil landscapes as well as his Portraiture artwork.

As a working artist and teacher, he knows that diversity is really what makes him hungry for more knowledge.  His influences are vast and he believes that experimentation and discovery are what feeds his thirst for learning more techniques.  The artist finds influences in many different ways such as music, old world renaissance artists, modern art, portrait art, abstract art, sculpture, culinary art, nature and surfing big waves..

Anh Pham is currently working on a fresh new series of famous Female DJs from around the world.  House and Techno Music has always moved the artist to bloom into the artist he is today and his art is blossoming into something wonderful to witness.  Also in this new age of discovery for the artist, he has branched out into teaching Laughing Yoga throughout California and Baja.  This artist knows that Happiness, Art, Creativity, Laughter, and Love can exist within and change how we act in the often crazy world we live in.