BFLY: I came across Antigua on instagram, she was friends with M BRAG and her photos truly captivated me. I felt like there was something about her photography style that lead me to reminisce, it gave me that unique Nylon mag meets vintage street culture style I absolutely adore. I sent her a private message and told her what my vision was and if she was interested in being featured in this project I am working on and she was so humble didn’t hesitate to forward me her work. I told her to give me a blurb to describe herself… so here you have a piece of Antigua;


ANTIGUA: about me 🙂
I am a film and digital photographer focusing on mostly portraits of women. I started out going to school for film photography and had gotten an internship to photograph the New York fashion week shows. After that, I was hooked.  I became obsessed with shooting women and clothing.  I am a huge believer that all women are beautiful- so I do not use always use typical “models” that are from agencies.  I am super lucky that most of my friends are beautiful and inspire me everyday. I am also very influenced by music I listen to (I’ve been listening to porches new album since it came out and tacocat!) and whatever is out around me that is interesting. I love going to thrift stores, flea markets, farmers markets, all kinds of nature/landscapes. I know it sounds cliche but anything that catches my eye is inspiring and gives me a creative outlook on my own personal work.