mbragMariya Ibragimova is a self taught artist with a background in fashion design and visual styling. She has always been inspired by people, art and fashion. Her characters are usually strange, unusual and at times disturbing yet beautiful. She likes to put together something dark with a twist by adding bold colors and creating a whimsical feel. Her perspective on beauty is different she thinks everyone has a feature about them that is attractive and in today’s society uniqueness is now being more embraced. The gap between a woman’s teeth is one of my favorite features to incorporate as well as her curves. Love yourself for all the perfect imperfections and that is what she would love for women to feel and see through her art. 
“Smoke and Gold series began over a year ago and is still currently in the works. My inspiration is always a woman and her seductive body language but its the smoking I find alluring. These paintings were inspired by actual people. I wanted a detail that will connect each piece to one another “gold” embellishment hence the name “smoke and gold” was created.”

BRAG was created by using a part of her last name to be able to create art work as well as brand myself. It is a way of giving a creative piece of herself to all of her costumers. Because so much of her passion, joy and pain is put into the pieces. She wants each one to tell a story, to give a feeling and hopes to give that too you through this series.

These images were created using water color, Acrylic paints, ink, color pencil on Cold press finish water color paper For original pieces. Copies scanned and edited through photo shop. Small hand embellishment were added after printing along with her signature. Limited edition prints are numbered and dated. will be launched soon… in the meantime follow her on instagram

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