When you ask Bubblewrappe how she was introduced to dance music you will usually get a laugh and a smirk. Her intro into the world of four on the floor was a mix of drugs and gogo dancing.  Originally from Nebraska she cut her teeth on the rave scene of the late 90’s going to see such iconic trance acts as DJ Dan, Christopher Lawrence, Keoki and BT. She also found a love for artists such as Kaskade, Miguel Migs and Mark Farina who were making amazing soulful house out of SF. She bought her first set of turntables at this time a set of Numark direct drive turntables. She admits she never got around to being proficient at them because not only the fact that as a girl she was laughed at when she asked, but also because her addiction to drugs and alcohol was getting bad! She went to raves and parties as a form of rebellion to her strict Midwest upbringing. What she got out of it was some great, albeit scary stories, and a broader sense of humanity than she had ever known before. She took a detour from house music and raves during the hip hop explosion of the 2000’s when she moved to Atlanta and went to school for music production. In 2004 she moved back to Nebraska for a year and found herself immersed back into the now Electro/Progressive scene going to Ultra fest for the first time and being blown away at the size of the festival. It was that week she really found the music she was eventually to make. In 2006 she moved to LA to pursue her passions although she fell short due to her struggles with addiction for the next five years. She continued to go to shows and festivals mainly accompanying her friends who were the film crew at such festivals as EDC and Hard Fest. Watching the behind the scenes workings of the DJs cemented her desire to learn how to play. She saw a few female artists such as Colette and wondered though why there weren’t more women.

 All of this experience culminated in 2012 when she finally decided to get sober. She had to ask herself “What is it I really want to do?” The answer was easy, play music and become a producer. She made a vow to herself to give it a real try. She was gifted a Traktor s4 that next year for christmas and has never looked back. It hasn’t been easy though being a female in the industry. It has been a double edge sword with promoters telling her she could get booked high paying gigs if she wore a bikini, or guys saying they would help her learn how to produce then get mad if she didn’t sleep with them. just a few examples of how women get viewed in the industry. These experiences in turn led her to the decision in late 2017 to start her own record label 3rdVirtue records. She realized that in order to create change you had to start at the source. Creating a safe place for women and minorities in the industry. She will tell you ” I am tired of seeing these pretty boy djs when there is amazing talent out there that doesn’t get enough opportunity simply because they don’t fit the mold.”

Currently she is working on several summer releases for the label and doing shows all over Southern California. The 3rdVirtue roster is stacked with talent from the incomparable Arias Mark who is a beast on Machine and is credited as making quite a bit of the media for the label also, to Juliet Mendoza who is hands down one of the “best Djs in Southern California period” (her words). She is currently looking for more female producers but the lack is frustrating, “A lot of women don’t make music I think because it’s frustrating dealing with the boys club that the industry is currently. We aim to change that at 3rdvirtue, to give women a place to grow and flourish.” Looking to the future she hopes to some day be the catalyst for a change in the scene, where there are more female DJs being given a platform to make content.