Dustin started in the restaurant business at 15 years old. With a drive to make his heart pump he instantly fell in love with food. At 17 he left home in Pennsylvania and headed to the Big City (NYC baby!). He worked for some of the top Michelin chefs in the city at restaurants like Cafe Boulud, Benoit, and the Standard. He knew he hit home with something he loved to do. As life was dynamic he had ended up in LA and a new passion for life and work. He was part of the opening at the Anchor in Venice and got really great reviews that first year when it was time for him to think about having a family. So he departed seeking something that would give him the freedom of time. Having a new career now in finance, drive and work ethic that the kitchen gave him, he was now able to live life, and love on his daughter and take her anywhere whenever he saw fit. Now he is still passively in the restaurant business but  helps chefs like Antonia Lafaso, and Curtis Stone when they need some extra hands since he loves to cook and is a passion he gets to do because its fun again. Not because he is tied to the hours and lifestyle doing it as a career.

“I am a man of faith, a man of family, and a man of passion and will continue to live that life to provide the people around me with the as much value as possible. Live your life for others because you likely have served yourself thus far!”Chef Dustin Taylor

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