The Los Angeles DJ/Producer/Remixer David Montoya has gained notoriety as one of LA’s top AfroHouse Producers. Featured in many record labels such as Tribe Records, MoBlack Records, Open Bar Music, United Music, Vida Records, Deep Culture Music, Uncover Music, NULU Electronic & NULU Music, D.M. Recordings, Sole Channel Music, Tru Thoughts, and many more. In 2017, two of his productions made the TOP 200 AFROHOUSE list on Traxsource.com.

But who is he? Raised in Los Angeles. The beginning of his musical journey started in 80’s and 90’s, he developed a taste for a wide array of musical styles such as Hip Hop, Freestyle Pop, Funk, Nu Wave and Latin Music. In 1991 he bought his first DJ set up and began mixing House and Techno Music. As time went on, David honed his skills in the production studio as well as on the DJ decks and has steadily built a name for himself worldwide. He has played in many places like Croatia, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Toronto(Canada), Chicago, Oakland, San Diego, and Playa Del Carmen(Mexico). He’s been fortunate to share the decks with the likes of Djeff Afrozilla, Jose Marquez, Aluku Rebels, Adam Gibbons, Helen Ting, Salah Ananse, Para People, Yogi Patel, Gigi Testa, Denz Devarez, Stan Zeff and many more. David also hosts a podcast called Modern Soul Radio, a mixshow that has lit an unforgettable fire in the hearts and minds of Househeads worldwide.

I met Karol – aka BFLY here in Los Angeles at an event I was playing at called REAL. Cool party with DJ Mando and my boy Santino Cassanova. I think it was back in 2009. She was one of the hosts.

I’ve always been a huge fan of all genres of music since I was a kid. But the music that really inspired me the most was what I was listening to in the 80’s. My musical range then was anywhere from Cumbia, Duran Duran, The Police, Men At Work, Kraftwerk, Run DMC, Soul Sonic Force, New Edition, Dazz Band, Herbie Hancock, and the list goes on and on.

What made me want to DJ was the scratching effects. Yup! It was a strange but cool sound. A back and forth movement of a record on a turntable. A trick I would hear on some of the records I was collecting during my breakdancing days (early 80’s). I would see DJs scratching and mixing during battles at my Junior High School dances, in music videos on MTV, and then in movies like WILDSTYLE and Beatstreet. Back in those days there was only one radio station in Los Angeles KDAY on AM radio that played this new renegade urban sound catering to the young Black and Latino listeners. I used to always make sure I had plenty of blank cassettes for the weekend night mixshows.

So I was buying records in the 80’s but I never had the money to buy a proper DJ set up until 1991. By that time I was experiencing a whole new scene blooming here in LA, the early Rave culture. I gradually switched my selections from Hip Hop to House and Techno music. After years of practice on the turntables, I was ready to rock the dancefloors. I got to play a couple of underground parties here and there. By 2005, I realized I wanted to take my creativity to the next level.  Music studios are super expensive so again I had to saved my pennies and bought a very basic studio set up. I practiced every night, and by 2006 I released my first track called “Be My” with my good friend (to this day) Juan Flores under the group name Estranjeros. During that time we were interviewed on PowerTools (one of LA’s longest running mixshow on Power 106 FM) for a Remix we had done. We had a couple of more releases after that and then I went solo. I’ve been busting my ass ever since. I’ve Produced and Remixed for some of Afrohouse’s most influential record labels like MoBlack Records, Tribe Records, United Music, Vida Records, Deep Culture Music, Uncover Music, NULU Music, D.M. Recordings, and many more.

As for my DJing, I love mixing, twisting knobs, freakin’ the mixer, seeing people sweat on the dance floor. I also have mix show called Modern Soul Radio that I started back in 2006 and still running as a podcast with special guest DJ’s from all over the world. I’ve been very fortunate to play in many events in and outside the U.S. My journey has been long but if you have a dream, ambition, patience and want to work hard, then you can achieve it. I am grateful and would not change it for anything in the world.

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