Scott Gibson was born and bred in the North East of Scotland, Gigo (Guy-go) studied Fine Art in his hometown before moving on and becoming a self taught Graffiti and Stencil Artist…

Gigo Pic

”After leaving my hometown I became fascinated with graffiti, street art, the grimeyness of it, the aesthetics…documenting it all in thousands of photos.. it all went hand in hand with the House Music scene that I delved into in more ways than one! I wanted to create pieces that looked like they’d been cut straight from a tagged wall, covered over time with various vandalism, literally giving you a piece of street art in your possession…. there’s no hidden meaning, no hidden agenda behind my work… I’m purely about aesthetics…

Working in my mates tattoo studio gave me the chance to paint bigger, we’d close shop at night, get some red wine, get the tunes on and start painting the walls… good times!

The course of the last few years has taken me to some great places for inspiration…Glasgow (where I lived and had a studio for a few years) Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and of course Los Angeles, where I now call home.

Having the studio in Glasgow led me to change my style a little, working alongside my friend and studio buddy Elki, I began to get more and more into stencil graffiti, developing portraits using my own models and photography. I’m still most widely known for my ‘Gigoglyphics’ pieces, a signature style that developed years ago in some downtime at the tattoo shop… Now I try and combine the two. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few girls agree to be my muse here in L.A. but I’m always on the lookout for more! Hit me up if you’re keen!

The next step? A studio here in L.A. perhaps… I just want to continue picking up commissions and getting my name out there…hopefully one day someone will be brave enough to let me loose on their walls!”

Catch more of his work here.

Intagram: www.instagram/gigo_art