Jaime Proano grew up in Los Angeles and started playing bass in punk rock bands from his early teenage years. After high school in 2005, Jaime started attending local parties with friends who threw parties and listened to House music. One friend in particular was a DJ who mixed records at undergrounds around Los Angeles and was open to sharing his music and teaching Jaime how to mix on cdjs. Years of practice, playing at local bars, and digging for tracks developed a style that is his own. The biggest influences in Jaime’s mixing style are the Los Angeles Underground Dj’s that have kept the scene growing like, Doc Martin, Marques Wyatt, DJ Fabian, Dougal, and Big Cee to name a few.
In fall 2015 Jaime Proano started V HOUSE Radio with his longtime friend Randall Baxter to share the love of fine dance music and endless talent in Los Angeles.  Jaime and the other members of the V HOUSE Crew believe in sharing tracks and promoting other artists to inspire and expand the next generation of Los Angeles House and Disco lovers.  This comes from his roots growing up in the Punk scene of Los Angeles where building a strong community and welcoming in new talent takes priority over self promotion.