From the four corners of the world here are the most coveted beauty secrets for internal health, external health, beauty, over all wellness and balance!

A Holistic rendition by Jenyimah Gould C.N.H.P., N.D.


The Ancient Maya knew a fountain of youth remedy that seemed to preserve the body’s overall wellness. Would we one day all learn the wonderful benefits and implement them in our very own health and wellness maintenance regimen would blossom. The ancient Mayan people were the pioneers in usage and understanding the importance of keeping a sauna routine as part of their health and beauty lifestyle. These saunas and sweat houses served as a place for spiritual fulfillment at the same time renewing and restoring naturally, creating balance in one’s health.

Here are some of the major internal and external benefits. Many have reported to share same or similar results. When experiencing the sauna or sweat house one should not eat for at least 1-2 hours before hand. Ideally if one has eaten fruits and veggies you can cut the time in half, but it is best to wait for your food to digest as long as possible before hand, “The golden rule”.

This is a very good natural, somewhat relaxing way to rid one’s body of unwanted toxins helping us detox them through sweat … Yes we will sweat it all out and be renewed and restored!

 It is very important and essential before entering the sauna to drink a glass of room temperature water.  I will admit no shame to my gain, I too bring in a cup of water to sip on so I can stay and gain the essential benefits vs feeling the need to cut my session  for a shorter period of time. I still feel my Inner warrior princess being empowered by this amazing ancient overall healing beauty secret.

A wonderful way to experience these ancient secret beauty benefits from one’s sauna is with cedarwood or stone elements. You will find it really nice to enjoy dashing the hot fiery coals with some pleasant essential oils such as, my go to “Pleasant Trinity:”  1. Eucalyptus oil for cleansing and purifying; 2.Tea Tree oil for detox and strengthening; 3. Lavender oil relaxes, soothes, and calms.

You did it now! Relax and bask in your accomplishment for experiencing and enduring this strengthening steamy hot healing beauty beneficial practice, no matter how short or long your session is, you accomplished it!  You took your first step into maintaining a new added benefit to your health regimen. After a relaxing nourishing sauna you feel refreshed and renewed. What a sense of Ahh! The Maya people found bringing this same sense of Ahh, the center of peace and balance, contributing to the true hidden secret of physical and spiritual balance entwined. Find yourself basking in this new serenity that only can be experienced by this ancient practice.

Nowadays you can find saunas almost everywhere: spas, gyms, apartments, hotels, and even are available for private residences. My favorite number one go to sauna is my “Secret Haven,” my adult amusement park in a spa form… Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Maybe next time I go to the sauna, I’ll see you there. ‘Till next time, looking forward to sharing the next beauty secret from another one of the four corners of the world, with you!


Blessings, Beauty, & Balance, Namaste, and Cheers

Jenyimah Gould: Beauty Model; C.N.H.P.; N.D.
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