I’ve had a film camera in my hand since I was 15. At that time, every Save Ons, Walgreens, Target, and Costco, all had a Photo Lab. Camera phones were just coming out, and I was ready for my first semester of Black and White Film Photography. My love and passion came almost immediately.


I was a sophomore, and I got my first job so I could purchase my first film camera. It was a Discovery S1050 Zoom Date Fijifilm Camera. It was a whopping $50 dollars at the time, haha. I still have, and use this camera till this day.

Any opportunity, that I got to be in a darkroom developing, I took it. Instead of rushing home after school, I went back to our lab and developed black and white film photographs.


After High School, I took almost every film photography class offered at Pasadena City College. There were only 3 classes for digital photography at the time, which I had little interest in then, but I’m so happy I took at least one digital class taught by a very cute old man, that I had a hard time understanding.


As time went by, digital photography took over the world, and so did unrealistic photographs of thin models on every cover of every fashion magazine. I leave my 35mm pictures unretouched, because you are gorgeous the way you are.  Everyone can be beautiful regardless of shape, size, or color you are. I love shooting everyone!


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