Judy Choi

Chinese American writer, Judy Choi, takes a fresh and innovative approach to poetry by drawing from her cultural heritage.  She brings the musicality often found in Chinese “shi” to poems written in English.   Delicate and feminine, her poetry is a textual melody that sings songs of sorrow and joy.  Her poems are now available in her debut book, “the CLOUD that fell from the sky” now available on tigrefou.com.

Instagram:  @tigrefoueditions& @tigrefouart






today my heart. it fell. a part.

empty it did seem. i looked inside. only to find.

broken hopes and dreams.

i picked them up. one by one.

heavy it did seem.

i put them back. together again.

they flew away from me…?


sometimesi think

you’ll go

a way

like the sun

that sets

into another day…

sometimesi think

i’ll go

a way

but then

i wait for tomorrow…


sea me bee

see sea see


be bee be

like honey


drip dropping


just soul

busy buzzing free