Los Angeles, CA \ A&R @ Lingo Recordings

Juwan is a Midwest house music innovator, now living in Los Angeles, pushing all across the map with his solid mixing abilities & exclusive track selection. He has his hands in underground producer’s catalogs, as well as pulling from his own outfit of house music.
Juwan is known for his well rounded & unique musical selection, to cement himself as an influential part of house music today. Able to pull from his , diverse knowledge of music, he has developed a funky sound all his own. Juwan’s sets are a one-of-a-kind experience; no matter what your musical preference is, he always finds that emotional harp string.
He is now the A&R manager of Lingo Recordings & has done work on various labels such as: Purveyor Underground, Dustpan Recordings, Cabbie Hat, HAWT Music Los Angeles, Moody House Recordings & Emby.
Juwan is one of best things about the Los Angeles house music scene.




facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ferrisbueller312/

instagram: @juwanrates