Kateryna Fischuk,
Landscape and portrait photographer.

A naturalist and an explorer, seeking the knowledge of the unknown. Capturing beauty of our planet and the Universe is her biggest joy and inspiration. Also sometimes she likes to create works from her imagination through photoshop.

BFLY: Kateryna we want to get into your head and know a bit more…

Kateryna: I have started taking pictures 2 years ago, because I wanted to come back to my childhood dream to become a national geographic photographer. My biggest inspiration is nature. I feel that I must to expose beauty of our planet, specially in this critical time of chaos. People forget what a beautiful gift they have right next to them. My dream is to become environmental filmmaker. Animal kingdom needs our help. If you want to change the world, be the change.

BFLY: How can u change the world? In what way?

Kateryna: Try to get attention of people to important issues,expose problems with our day to day consumptions, give alternatives. Help likeminded people in their visions of improvement of our lifes. There is a documentary “Racing Extinction” this is a perfect example of a great movie that touched me and gave motivation to be a part of a change.