“The heart is my compass”
Mystic, Model, Muse. Liberty is a multi faceted, Multidimensional being, artist, energy worker, clairsentient, musician, medium, and star being anchoring the new 5D paradigm through creativity here on earth.
What is 5D? 5D is functioning through the heart and not the ego. It’s immediate manifestation, master creating, taking responsibility for our actions, dropping the fear, facade, judgment, functioning through the heart. Embodying the light. It is a practice. Inner alchemy. Trusting the unknown. “This is what will change and heal our planet and our collective consciousness.”
“I used to be afraid of being judged so I never put myself out there, until now.
Because I started selling vintage online recently I started to model my goods to list them and give them a presence. I live in a very rural town at the moment so I just used what I had which was my cell phone and myself.
It took a long time for me to believe that I could make a living for myself without working for a company or under someone. I graduated FIDM in 2008 and started working in the fashion industry. It was challenging because the fashion industry can be very ruthless. I’m a rebel at heart. I don’t do well with fake people. I’m clairsentient; I get feelings in my body. I can spot a fake a mile away, feel a lie, sense sadness, see flashes of the past, present, or future. I felt like such a “failure” at the time because I felt I didn’t “fit” anywhere. I was not in the best relationship. Not until I had my daughter in 2012, at the end of the Piscean age, that I started realizing that I wasn’t a failure; that I wasn’t even really lost. I was being prepared to step into my power fully as a creator, as an artist, as a divine person. We all have that access to divinity it is our birthright. I also started making music with some local friends at that time. I just had to do the inner work, release traumas etc. etc. I’ve always been very spiritual. I’m also a tarot medium, I’ve been doing that for 15 years. I worked at a public library when I was young and I would always read the tarot and astrology books, that’s how I got Into it. I’m also a Reiki II practitioner and Theta I healer. All these healing modalities are tools, but the true power lies within us, going deep within and undoing all that you thought you were or told you were and deciding for yourself who you want to be. I’m an artist. I am a creator of beautiful things. Fashion is my favorite language; being creative in anyway really. Graphics, painting, singing, white magic. I can finally say that and not cringe with doubt. I want to design and publish a tarot deck this year also release an EP. I’m excited about directing some music videos and collaborating with other people; to show my true colors. I’m happy and so so so grateful for all the new opportunities coming my way and for not being afraid to be all the way the fuck on.”
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