Margareta GR / Biography


I’m a classically trained artist currently working in the style of mixed-media illustrations on wood and paper.

Although I have been creating art from a very early age, I initially studied fashion design, completing a degree at the University of Zagreb in my home country, Croatia, before going on to read art and the history of art at the University of Split, Croatia. Continuing my studies, I gained an MA in painting at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

I have spent large parts of my artistic career as a painter, as well as making a substantial body of work through the medium of body art and performances, exploring the boundaries of my own body. Although no longer active in fashion illustration, my experience in this area has had a strong influence on my work, including my recent illustrations. I spontaneously began drawing on a spare piece of wood in 2010 and developed my own style and character of work.

I am originally from Croatia, but now live in Worcestershire with my husband and three-year-old daughter, working as a freelance artist.