I recently had an opportunity to catch up with one of L.A.’s, OG electronic music Deejays. If you were a raver back in the 90’s the name Mr. Bubble will definitely ring a bell. As you already know, BFLY Magazine brings you the inside scoop from the Deejays themselves. That means we can put any and all misconceptions about these guys and gals to rest.
See: Hi Mr. Bubble, its a pleasure meeting you. I just have to say, I love what Karol is doing with BFLY Magazine. She is doing her best to bring underground artists to a wider audience. She loves what each of you do so much she wants to share your talents with the rest of the world. This is something I can get down with so I am excited to chat with you.
We want to know details about how you came onto the L.A. underground scene and this chat will allow you to tell it how it is, in your own words.
Lets do this! ūüôā
Tell us how you met Karol?
Mr Bubble:¬†I’ve met BFLY on and off several times throughout a few years, but not up until recently did we actually foster a friendship via Facebook. Her energy is truly contagious.
See:¬†Yeah, I agree Karol’s energy¬†is¬†contagious. She is definitely one of a kind.
Tell us how you got into music, go back to the beginning and please give us all the details you can remember like, who got you into music, and how you got into Deejaying?
Mr Bubble:¬†I grew up in a home that was surrounded by music. My Dad was very versed in Modern Jazz & played multiple instruments such as piano, flute, and percussion.¬† My Mom was the record collector & curator of Soul, Funk,& R&B of the time (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) she actually got me a job at a local record store as a record filer when I was 13 years old. In high school I was Djing backyard boogies, playing mostly freestyle, ska, and alternative music. I was infected with playing new wave of the 80’s.
See: Very cool, do you remember the first venue party you ever played?
Mr Bubble:¬†By 1989 I got a job at this HUGE nightclub in Riverside called Club Metro, doing lighting. Eventually, I would relieve the DJ and transverse into actual DJing and mixing. I was mentored into mixing House and Techno by a DJ named Danny Zee of DYMK, who basically showed me the in’s and out’s of the Artform. I did my 1st set with an audience of about 700 heads on the dance floor, so basically every night I had to bring my “A” game. I guess you could say I¬† had to learn quickly under pressure. At this point I was hooked with no looking back.
Another DJ who was playing at the same Club with us was the infamous BEEJ (of Beej/Blitz prod.) who introduced me to the Los Angeles underground scene, and it all happened then…my baptism into the EARLY L.A. Underground. They weren’t even called RAVES yet, lol.
See: You truly are an L.A. OG! Please go on.
Mr Bubble:¬†My first actual booking was for a loft party by Miss Kitty called “the E-room”, with Mr Koolaid.
*SIDENOTE* My 1st party was the original “Mr. Bubble” thrown by Les Borsai and Einstein( R.I.P.), where I was actually asked to ‘host’. Rocky Raccoon dressed and prepped me that night. He actually told me that I was to be “anointed” Mr Bubble from that night forward (he doesn’t remember all of this, but I¬† sure do!!). I was tooling around with the idea of calling myself Vitamin D, but after that party EVERYONE was calling me Mr. Bubble. Derrick Daisy was my fellow DJ rode dawg/roommate at the time. He didn’t know what to call himself as a DJ. So, since everyone was calling me Mr Bubble, I suggested he take the Vitamin¬† D moniker, which he did, and the rest is history.
See: So cool you have worked with some of the greats! Can you describe what it felt like playing in front of a live audience?
Mr Bubble:¬†From the beginning, I never¬† was the bedroom dj type. I feel much more comfortable playing live & on the fly. You always have an ‘idea’ of the direction you want to go, depending on the audience, that can change in an instant. I feel way more anxious WITHOUT that dance environment and stimuli.
See: You had a truly unique experience playing for live crowds. A lot of Deejays start off practicing in their rooms. What style of music is your favorite?
Mr Bubble:¬†I LOVE Tribal stuff…the hypnotic, moody and deep type stuff. I dislike putting names to a specific genre of house music. Putting classifications on genres is akin to using boundaries. I say if it works, use it! I’m a believer in gradual progression,¬† letting the music speak for itself.
I like to be that tour guide for the ride. It all depends on the needs of the audience.
See:¬†Word up, I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I feel like, variety is the spice of life especially with music. If you stick to one genre throughout your set it gives it a very monotone feel. Who were your biggest influences?
Mr Bubble:¬†My influences. Wow. Where do I even BEGIN ? Barry Weaver, Doc Martin, Mark em X, DJ Dan, Taylor, Jesse Brooks, Derrick Carter,¬† DJ EZ, Steve Loria and David Alvarado, but most importantly…the Audience members. They are the ones who show so much PASSION¬† for the music, they are the ones that keep you going, the ones that keep you on YOUR toes, in part to keep you growing and learning to be the best YOU.
See:¬†That is an awesome list of influencers. I got one of my first Jungle records from David Alvarado! My big sister Karla was going out with him. He gave her The Shaman – Destination Eschaton vinyl to give me. Well, actually it’s a house/ techno record but has a Jungle version on the B side (Sounds of Life Remix). You stirred up some memories for me. ūüėä
Tell us what you’re up to currently?
Mr. Bubble:¬†Currently, I have been working to spread the house music message to the Inland Empire. We have a monthly¬† (every 2nd Saturday) called “The Body Electric”, bringing high-quality House music to Riverside.
See: Its good to know you are still doing your thing and we can come out to vibe with you. What are your plans for the future?
Mr. Bubble:¬†I’m FINALLY putting my producing hat on, something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. So, stay tuned.
See: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Much LOVE Mr. Bubble.
There you have it ladies and gentlemen straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t get it twisted, this man is an L.A. OG and he is still doing his thing. Be sure to go check him out at The Body Electric in Riverside.