Everything is in motion like the tides of the ocean.
Potent water drops stampede toward the mountain. 
Pulverize hard stone into what is known as sand between our toes, 
this is the way life goes.
As mountains are turned to dust
by the essence of life, guided with the wind,
new opportunities are rising in the horizon.
We’ve got our eyes on the prize and
begin to see with clarity,
a focused drive and a dedicated effort.
The capacity to adapt instinctively 
and overcome obstacles efficiently,
is an oozing of infinite ability with fluidity. 
Everything is purpose, 
grand aptitude heave allow us to proceed 
with grace and feed the nurturing spirit.
Every action we take is what we give it. 
We live it out without a doubt, 
we exhibit what the moment tells us through intuitive flow. 
Manifesting life as we grow, 
in the present we just know 
and the lessons they just glow. 
Radiating outwardly and invested inwardly as we go
through the central axis point and into all for directions. 
We dance to the primal heartbeat,
got the burns and blisters on the souls of our feet 
with our eyes shining through the deceit. 
Living our soul purpose, soul unique 
as we create what we speak by what we’ve learned while walking barefoot on concrete. 
A blend of creative and logical
with the capacity to become unstoppable, 
but this is a humble effort. 
One – that unites the might of every light
and ignites the rise of the ninety-nine as equal.
We are the people, 
mostly empty space and essentially water,
symbiotically fused with mother nature, grandfather sky, and every creature.
We are all an important feature and every instant is our greatest teacher. 
-Ninjosh Tree Dweller