It all started with drum and Bass for me. Just being younger in an older crowd that that listened to rap, reggae & dnb. That got me in to the Jungle which is my First electronic love! I Would hang with friends & My friends older cousins would take Me to par”es when I was young during 02 -06 which lead to other house partys mee”ng others my age leading to underground par”es in LA all with a DJ all just for fun and the party life style which originally lead to EDC in LA in 2007 with Above and beyond / Deep Dish / dj hype / zinc / groove armada. And seeing that, on that level truly inspired me to want to do this. The Music! Not just deejay but truly show my creativity through music… so I pursued and got my First set in 08 for my 18th birthday with a lot help from birthday money and that’s how it all began for me playing at friends parties here and there on my STANTON and NUMARK mixer laying some tunes down but during 08 to 13 just did it for fun, lots of Weird random places then later met brooks & pz through cousins and Friends and we started djing for some places out in pamona and Pasadena and it just wasn’t for us … eventually were introduced to Jose Love and we came in and added to the already good formula! Revival was and made it what it is now. So far its been an amazing ride being able to play with ar”st like dj dan , dj Mes, Thee o, Colette, Frankie bones , Charles feelgood, etc @ Revival and even since then been able to play EXCHANGE with Dubre right upstairs and its been a dream come true. Can’t wait to share many more Tuesdays with everyone with damn good HOUSE MUSIC!!! FOR THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! & EVENTUALLY DO DRUM & BASS

My Inspirations: Aphex twin, Squarepusher, sasha, Lane 8, maceo plex, kink, DeepDish (dubre+sharam), “ga , Jamie jones , maya jane coles, dj zinc, machinedrum, kaskade , Cole?e , dj Heather, Mark Farina, late night alumni, SBTRKT ,M.a.n.d.y, 2manyDJs, Maduk, SHY FX, & ABOVE AND BEYOND

Brandon Jameson better known as PZ is a LA based DJ specializing in the genres of deep house, tech house, & house. At an early age of 13 he started collecting hip hop records which were given to him by his older cousin “Polo” who was a promoter at the time. However, it wouldn’t be until years later where Brandon took an interest to House Music. Now at the age of 32 he has a residency alongside his long time friend Brooks Wilkinson at Revival Tuesdays, a weekly event devoted to deep house located in the City of Alhambra at Azul Ultra Lounge. Brandon has plans to release an EP later this year, as well as to take his DJing/Producer career to the next level, but what he really needs to figure out is his name! “House to me is like hip hop!, there’s a struggle there! There’s similarity in the production, and just the whole aura of being a DJ, to me house and hip hop go hand in hand and it reflects in my style.” – PZ