Timoi, Trapped In My Own Imagination, is a creative conceptual street pop artist. You might have seen at least one of her characters painted in an LA corner in the past decade. One of the things that makes Timoi’s work unique is the story behind her characters. Her characters come from a galaxy, light years away called Zovereignty, Galaxy The Great. A place Timoi has envisioned since creating her first character, Calo, in 2003. They live in a futuristic world that we can experience through Timoi’swork. Timoi sees this series of work as a vision from her inner psyche.

Timoi has been able to accomplish many things; Despiteremaining very low key for a few years and having challenges,she has been able to influence not only younger generations of artists but also people in the entertainment and fashion industriesby sharing her story and work through the internet.

In 2017, Timoi expanded her team to create the brand Timoi& Co. They are currently working to bring Timoi’s vision to life and share her story to a broader audience. Timoi is extremely busy right now getting ready for a solo exhibition on June 9, 2018 at Leimin Way Gallery, 443 Leimin Way in China Town LA. The exhibition will feature all new mixed media work by Timoi plus a virtual reality experience where she will share aspects of the galaxy and life size characters throughout the gallery. The name of the exhibit is “Trapped In My Own Imagination”, the definition of Timoi. In this series of paintings, Timoi will illustrate and narrate the story of Calo.

The exhibition will be a conceptual experience not to be missed.

IG – @Trapped.In.My.Own.Imagination

Web – www.timoi.com

IG – @timoiOne

Twitter – @timoideleon