There has yet to be a box that can withhold the multiple dimensions of Tyler Ray. If there ever were to be one, it would likely need to be tetrahedral. A lyricist, body worker, farmer, activist, influencer: all of these are things that he does, but none of these words alone accurately depict what it is he “does”. As of late, he has chosen to identify simply as a “rapper”. With a smirk on his face, he says:

“Rappers just do whatever they want. They say what they want. They wear what they want. They go where they want. They also get what they want, and then they make it look and sound so cool. That’s what I do. I’m a rapper, a new kind. I’m here to make consciousness cool.”
Tyler grew up in Northwest Washington in a small community of close-minded conservatives. He says he’s always been different than everyone around him, which forced him to make a choice: be okay with being himself, or live the rest of his life trying to be somebody he’s not. The decision became one of his main messages right now, encouraging others to just be themselves and be comfortable with it.
“I’ve been working on this theory that has proved itself true in my life and the lives of others. When we are able to unconditionally love ourselves for just being ourselves, we tap into our unique powers. Once this starts happening, there is typically a clear passion for pursuit in a specific area. And my theory is, once someone decides to go all in on this pursuit, the universe conspires in their favor, and all the pieces of the puzzle start falling together in the most magical way.”
Nowadays, Tyler calls the Big Island of Hawaii his home, a place he says that everyone can just be themselves and nobody else cares. He is currently working on a conceptual EP titled: The Dm. On the surface, the project looks like a typical rap EP, but the farther you dive in, the more profound the message gets. Upon first glance, it is four songs with unrelated meanings, but look further, and you will find that each track illustrates an archetype of the divine masculine.
“I want to make something that’s digestible at all levels of awareness. So if you want to hear some clever bars, cool beats, typical rap stuff, it has that. If you want to tune in, you can hear a great message in every song. But if you are like me and you want to go even deeper, you can look at how these archetypes play together in the dance of stepping into divine masculinity.”
Tyler is just getting started with his journey, and everyone is patiently waiting for his next move. More information including releases, blogs, and contact information can be found on his website: https://thetylerray.com and if you want to see more of his truest personality, follow him on Instagram where you can stay tuned in with his stories. https://www.instagram.com/ tylerovereasy/