Mission to Come

By Vivian Moon


I’m on a mission to come

into your mouth like rum in hot toddy

cream into coffee water over mouth

on a thirsty morning forcing quick

reinforcements of a life lacking

in whichever flavor that day

what body craves

I’m on a mission to come

and stay open not like Holiday Inn

more like gas marts and ghost towns

not depleted as much as grown lived thrown

off balance by new waves of

tech and touch fondle and push

out the old world into


I’m on a mission to come

where no one else will remain overstay

their welcome or stray criticize my

movements over technique or trust

researching philosophies of manner

versus must instinct versus blind

where vision blinds and senses


Collective Consciousness

By Vivian Moon


A wise woman knows that no one knows shit

that every step or action navigates.

It builds roads and wheels

each motion extended

into forcefields – it’s hard to hate.

When it reaches you

the rhymes we threw

reflected mixed into truth

collective consciousness pulls through.

Anytime you’ve experienced shit

considered it whipped done

deal let it go maybe tripped

make it stick.

Every turn opens more

and there’slights sound

dynamic and proud


Should I be repenting?

It’s that powerful

creates from empty

turns out its full.

My hand in the jar

breaking if not careful.

That’s impulsive

and friendships are staples.

Community mends

so make amends.

Speak on what bends.